1966 – The MacIntyre DNA

MacIntyre started with distinctive characteristics or what it is called its DNA, which has defined its work for half a century. This came from a visionary belief of the learning potential of people with learning disabilities, their value as individuals and their importance to society. Newton- Wright had a strong belief in equality and challenged the idea that people with a learning disability were somehow subnormal, a common term from the time.

Unfortunately much thinking about the capabilities of such children is primitive, ill informed and, at best, benignly custodial in outlook. Despite the increasing amount of experimental evidence offered by some very distinguished psychologists in Britain and elsewhere that these children are amenable to social training and respond to a much wider intellectual challenge than has hitherto been believed, they still continue to be stigmatized as ineducable. (..) MacIntyre Schools Limited has been formed to provide the most hopeful opportunities to the severely mentally handicapped and for life.

– Keith Warren Price in letter to potential supporters, circa 1967



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