1989 – Further Education and Work experience

Young adults were provided with activities that were as work like as possible, and were financially rewarding within the limitations of the benefits system.

There was a wide range of activities, enabling people with different abilities to be involved. An underlying principle was the inclusion of residents of all abilities, providing meaningful opportunities tailored to individual needs and interests.

It was during this time that in Milton Keynes a major building project was developed which established accommodation for learners, a bakery, shop and café, garden centre and a moot hall in a community setting which was a flagship from which learners developed skills to lead them into the world of work.

Changes in curriculum and responsibility in the areas of Further Education and Therapy have all taken place and many new and exciting off-site experiences have been found for our residents – not the least of which is an ongoing work experience scheme for some of our more able people.

-Extract from The Ring Spring 1987


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