1998 – Launch of the Service User Charter

The first MacIntyre conference in February 1998 saw the launch of the Service User Charter, comprising a set of promises and standards for MacIntyre to keep in its provision of care. This was the first event of its kind for MacIntyre. It was a great success, with over 130 staff and service users attending from across the organisation, leaving all involved with a sense of achievement. The event led to MacIntyre’s Promises to the people it supports:

  • To listen to you and treat you with respect
  • To help keep you safe, healthy and fulfilled
  • To enable you to make choices and decisions about your life
  • To encourage and challenge you to achieve your ambitions
  • To enable you to take your place in the community
  • To speak up for you when you want us to.

Following this, MacIntyre developed a process to measure how these promises were being put into practice by using a set of quality indicators and an assessment process. This was a remarkable time for the organisation and demonstrated a commitment to empowering the people being supported and gathering their views on the provision offered by MacIntyre.

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