2003 – Promoting the film Cloud Cuckoo Land in Cannes

A group of ten Maclntyre service users and staff were invited to Cannes to help promote the feature film, Cloud Cuckoo Land, which tells the story of a young man with cerebral palsy who decides to leave his care home in pursuit of a wrecked aircraft, and in his journey lives new adventures, experiences freedom and finds love. Maclntyre service users are supporting stars in the film and provided catering for the crew during the filming. MacIntyre supporting role lead to the co-stars team being invited to Cannes to help advertise the film. A MacIntyre group also helped by handing out flyers about the viewing.

“The cameras loved us! Clearly, another very important aspect of us being there was for the partying! The film was shown early evening to interested agents and distributors, which was a big success. This meant that we could celebrate in style!”

The Ring, July 2003


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