2010 – Family Footings

In 2010, MacIntyre celebrated National Family Week across the organisation for the first time. Being rooted in its origins as a family enterprise, including and supporting families has always been part of its heritage. Following on from Celebrating Families, MacIntyre developed a new line of support for families called Family Footings, aimed at working alongside family members encouraging them to express their expectations and aspirations at the same time that empowering them by their involvement in decision making.

‘Family Footings brings families with disabled children together to share experiences and gain information that will enhance their family life. It was started in response to the changing face of health and social care. The government has said that families and individuals should have more control about the services they receive and the way that money for support is spent. The project aims for all families to have the opportunity to develop their confidence and knowledge so that they feel involved and empowered in decisions being made about their children and family.’

The Ring, Spring 2013

The Department for Education had originally funded Family Footings to develop its work across the country. It reached over 1500 families and 750 professionals. When Department for Education funding ended in 2013, MacIntyre worked in partnership with local organisations to continue to offer support to strengthen families to face challenges and gain confidence in working with professionals and continues to examine better ways to engage and involve families today.


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