2012 – Continuing to develop MacIntyre specialist support service

MacIntyre’s commitment to providing individualised and specialist support continued.  In May 2012 MacIntyre specialist support service at the British Institute of Learning Disability’s Positive Behaviour Support conference in Cardiff in May 2012. This service supports adults with learning disabilities or autism who have offended or are at risk of offending and seeks to balance the social care element of supporting someone to live an independent and fulfilling life, with a focus on preventing offending and reducing the risk that the person poses to the public and to themselves.

During the 2010’s MacIntyre continued to develop other areas of specialism, setting up Dementia and Autism Special Interest Groups and further developing its Person Centred Approaches activity with the development of “People Plus”, working in partnership with Groundswell Partnership and Community Catalysts.  People Plus is designed to help the individuals supported by MacIntyre and the staff to understand and find new ways to use their abilities and gifts, find ways to contribute and feel valued and engaged and connecting and contributing to the wider communities.


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