2013 – Cavendish Review highlights MacIntyre’s work

The Cavendish Review – An Independent Review into Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers in the NHS and social care settings, was conducted by Camila Cavendish and published in 2013. The review was aimed at finding out what could be done to ensure that unregistered staff members both at the NHS and other social care providers treat all patients and clients with care and compassion. In the review MacIntyre is mentioned as one of three examples of ‘organisations which have increased staff retention and user satisfaction by ensuring that new staff understand the reality of caring roles before they start work, and by testing their aptitude for caring. The success of these schemes suggests that in social care especially, organisations which recruit for values may start to find this an excellent way of differentiating their offer to the public’ (Cavendish Review, 2013). The review presents a number of case studies to exemplify the findings, and MacIntyre figures twice in the chapter that considers ‘Recruitment, Training and Education’. MacIntyre is showcased for its recruiting values.

“MacIntyre is a national charity providing support and care for people with learning disabilities. Working with an occupational psychologist, they profiled high-performing staff members to identify character traits. This showed that they had a distinctive psychological profile: more empathetic and also more introverted, in the sense of being more reflective, observant and principled in the service of others. From this, they created the “MacIntyre Profile”, which is used when recruiting all new staff. The approach makes no assumptions that previous experience will bring better support staff, but rather focuses on a person’s predisposition to care work and more importantly, to working in a facilitative and reflective way.”

Cavendish Review, 2013


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